Thursday , November 21 2019
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20 Most adorable DIY OWL projects to try

20 Most adorable DIY OWL projects to try

Owl key chains with free pattern, ook nederlandse vertaling.

It is National Sewing Month in September. Just because it's sewing month you should not forget crocheting. You do not have to concentrate on sewing, so crochet something beautiful. I'm always looking for free crochet tutorials, sometimes I'm not lucky, but you can always find something online.

I love flowers and I love the way they smell. I thought one day, why can not I find some free crochet floral patterns? It's perfect. If I crochet a flower, it will never wither or die. We have many crochet flower patterns to share.

Free crochet hat patterns can also be found on our website. My grandma has always made free crochet tutorials for herself, friends and family. I have a hat she made with a ball on it. It's my winter hat, which I adore so much. I remember she made this really pretty crochet hat pattern for one of my sisters. It was a brown hat with light blue yarn for the flower. I was jealous, she has the cool hat and I only have the brown one.

Did you know that you can crochet flowers yourself? I will marry next summer and try to save money. I realized that flowers will be one of the most expensive things for the wedding. I came across a free crochet pattern and immediately fell in love with it. It looked like a bunch of flowers with normal flowers, except that they were made of yarn. I would not have to worry about the journey of the flowers, if they fall over it, everything is fine. Water will not fall out of a vase and they will not break. This could be the latest invention that nobody has ever heard of.

The flowers I wanted to use for my wedding were Gerber Daisies. They only have a funny shape and nice bright colors. I have learned that I can make my own crochet bouquet. It will never be as great as my grandma's crochet hat pattern, but it will still be beautiful. If I only imagine what the whole day will be like, I smile.

I'm not sure if there's a National Crochet month, but if not, there should be one. Start crocheting all your beautiful patterns. Join in and crochet some nice things for Christmas gifts. You will not regret it. And do not forget all the crochet floral patterns we offer.

Do something good for yourself or others. Crochet a nice piece and send it to a charity. This will give you a good feeling for yourself and help someone with it. Crochet an Afghan to keep a baby warm. You can find samples on our website. Free crochet floral hat designs would look adorable on a little boy or girl. Crocheted hats are always nice for the winter time, especially this winter. How the weather was, who knows what kind of winter we will have. So start crocheting these patterns.