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Amigurumi Seahorse Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Seahorse Crochet Pattern

Free crochet pattern for an amigurumi seahorse. This is part of the Amigurumi Advent Calendar Crochet-along at

Balaclava - a conventional yarn used to make things that span the area above the neck, ear to head, and now deeper down to the shoulders. When it's wool, it's best to protect yourself in extreme cold. The true essence of Balaclava can be reflected in bright colors, in textured yarn decorated with crocheted borders and petals, or made into yarn. For best results use crochet and knit.

Balaclavas are among the best finds of the First World War. The manufacturing method is quite simple, so anyone can make it and something that will be very handy in winter.

There are still people whose demands are not fashion-related but require something unique. In the winter, Sturmhaube does just that, give it something unique. Mind you, people, elders, teens, children, be it schoolchildren, factory workers, fishermen, mountain bikers or skiers, campers, hunter teams or even elders sitting next to a campfire at home could all get much needed help with balaclavas keeping the cold at bay ,

Balaclava is an art in itself, so beginners can not make it. If you have sufficient knowledge of crocheting, the task will be easier. We may know different types of stitching methods, but these are not ideal for making balaclavas. Some stapling methods fit better.

You will not like it when crochet art leaves a lot of pores and then when worn air can slip through. These above stitches are ideal for attempting a balaclava - Rose, Tunisian, Double Crochet, Grid, Buttonhole Crochet with Vertical or Horizontal, Chevron Stripes, Leaflets, Leaf, Zigzag, Up and Down, Pineapple, Increasing, Twisted and Russian Stitches.

Now, if you have a command over one of the above stitches, your task will be very smooth.

The requirements and supplies needed for a crochet work are minor and with a nice design you can get started quickly. Be aware that the production of balaclavas is a technique that takes into account many details that require more time to produce.

For this reason, it is an advantage if you can take part in learning courses or have a video. As far as supplies are concerned, 2 knit balls (aram or worsted yarn) are required, a slightly heavier knit with at least 15 percent mohair.

Other requirements include 5 and 7 type needles, round and / or two pointed, plus a loop or additional wool, as well as markers, yarn needles, measuring tape and crochet hooks, which can be used to restore drop stitches when knitting is a big part of your work Job; That's because some people like to knit large pieces at once.

My advice to those who want to do a complete crochet project and then use a crochet hook instead of knitting needles. This will save you a lot of trouble later

There are many books and websites that provide information on Balaclava projects. If you want to use this information to your advantage, the following websites may be helpful.