Friday , December 6 2019
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Baby Socks

Baby Socks

Free crochet pattern for baby socks, keep those little toes warm and cosy.

The kids seem to love to lift an egg comfortably to find a hard-boiled egg underneath. I used a fluffy "sugar crumble" wool in cream and brown and my daughter called it "the savage".

This is just a fun little knitting exercise that only takes minutes.

St (s) = stitches
K = knitted
P = purl
Inc = increase knit (or stitch) twice to stitch
K2tog (or p2tog) = knit the next two sts together

You will need:

Wool shreds in two colors (for base and cake) for cupcake and red, if you want to give a cherry over it!

4mm knitting needles

Beads (if desired)

Cast on 24 stitches with 4mm needles in base color.

Line 1-6: * K1, P1 *, repeat from * to *.

Change the color of the cake.

Row 7-16: Continue with the stocking stitch.

Row 17: * K1, K2 together * to the end (16 sts.)

Line 18: Purl

Row 19: K2 together until the end (8 m.)

Thread and thread through the remaining stitches.

Sew up the side of cozy and attach the cherry to it. On request, decorate with pearls.

Beat 6 knotted cherry. Knit six rows until smooth.

Lay down.

Sew the stitch at the outer edges and roll it up tightly.

This pattern uses leftover wool scraps and is fun. You can make a set of eggs with the same color combination or a different one for each family member. The kids usually love to pick their colors and pearls. We now have a collection of eggs that children pick according to the mood of the day. Makes for a fun breakfast!