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Cat Bed Free Knitting Pattern

Cat Bed Free Knitting Pattern

Cat Bed Free Knitting Pattern

Since the beginning of civilization, patterns have been part of a person's daily life. From the patterns on the walls and ceilings of the Egyptian tombs to their utensils and sarcophagi; to medieval Muslim knitting with decorative, abstract and zig-zag patterns through more complex role models; to the Greek art, which used large-scale ceramic vessels, which served as serious brands, as tools of communication, expression and lifestyle.

Just as a man uses patterns in his everyday life, dogs definitely benefit from them. In particular, dog beds come in a variety of patterns, shapes and colors: Light, Dark, Polka, Cuba, Senna, Avar, Lore, Strip, Print, Round, Square, Rectangle, Fill, Reversible, Couch, Upholstery, Lounger, Fleece and other. These patterns make dog beds colorful, interesting and fun to look at. The variations in the patterns offer a greater number of options for dog owners who are planning to buy a bed for their esteemed dog lover.

If you have difficulty deciding on a dog bed pattern, these two simple tips can help you make a decision:

1. Choose the pattern that reflects the "personality" of your dog.

Who says dogs do not have their own identity? The personality of your dog is reflected on the bed on which he slumbers, just as you do with your clothes or the cellphone you show off in the subway. So choose the pattern that gives people an idea of ​​the behavior or individuality of your dog.

If your dog is a rugged, self-confident Rottweiler, choose the one with a dark, solid pattern. If your Chihuahua is a shy, shy guy, buy one that's neutral and conservative. You see, it's like in the case of "Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are." The bedding patterns definitely speak for the kind of personality your dog has.

2. Choose the pattern that suits the environment.

The key here is versatility. It should be suitable for any type of environment in which you use it. Choose a dog bed pattern with a chameleon-like attribute. Not only do you save money because you have a dog bed that you can place anywhere, but you can also avert a potential stain - as in the case of a red polka dot pattern on a green-painted room.

So think of these tips before buying a dog bed for your beloved dog, and you and your dog will certainly enjoy their brand new bed.