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De top 5 repins van week 41

De top 5 repins van week 41

Gratis patroon waarmee je een kerstster kunt haken. MoodKids populairste repins week 41 2016

I admit that in the past I knitted sweaters. My favorite are the few that I have knitted from several thread colors. I enjoyed watching the patterns. But I am not a knitter. I do not belong to the collective of women who discuss the properties of yarn, pull out yarn balls - new acquisitions - to show visitors arriving at the door, and to knit small squares to test color, strength and stitches of a new pattern. I do not belong to this own little subculture of knitters.

Now my friend Jennie is a knitter. She and her sisters and knitters will drive a hundred miles to a particular yarn store, talk about which yarns are available in which stores, and search the Internet for the most innovative patterns. She produced sweaters at NASCAR races and hockey games. and at least one family member can rely on a new hand-knitted sweater from Jennie every Christmas for Christmas. Perhaps my favorite snapshot of Jennie and her favorite pastime is when she went to see her former sister-in-law Ann (still a good friend and knit buddy) riding past a horse. Ann stopped to chat, and Jennie pulled out her latest knitting project to show Ann the stitches - and the mare Ann rode on turned her head to look at Jennie's rope, as Jennie showed Ann.

I'll probably never be a knitter like Jennie, but I'll admit to being curious when she tells me about a new yarn buy she made, and I find out I'm asking for the stuff when I visit , And I admit, trying to pick up my own knitting needles again - until I remember those devilish sleeves that were too long, too thin and too tight to produce in the past few years. Then I content myself with admiring the beautiful colors and textures of Jennie's yarn supply and watching the patterns form as we sit and talk as she knits a storm.