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Durable Friendship Sjaal – gehaakte omslagdoek patroon door

Durable Friendship Sjaal – gehaakte omslagdoek patroon door

This is a free crochet shawl pattern on Crochet your own Durable Friendship Shawl with this beginner-friendly pattern and video tutorial. #crochet #shawl #scarf #w

crochet stitches are the language skills of crochet. They are the essence of crocheting and, as such, rightly have their own "shortcuts" and quirks.

Purpose of crochet stitches

Crochet stitches and crochet patterns are the blueprint for any crochet project. Just like patterns and instructions are to a seamstress. You need to think of crochet stitches and patterns as you would think about ingredients and recipes.

Good crochet tutorials will show you how a good recipe, what materials and crochet stitches you will need to complete the crochet project. Like a good recipe, the crochet pattern tells you step by step what kind and how many crochet stitches are needed.

What a typical crochet pattern looks like

This is an excerpt of what a crochet pattern looks like and how the stitches are described.

You will need

Double knitting yarn / 4 mm crochet hook

Mesh used

Chain fM / Kettmasche Kettmasche / Doppelhäkelarbeit fM (UK) Single crochet fM (USA)

Start from the top (head)

Start with a slide knot on your hook

Make 4 ch and place the stitch in the first chain to form a circle

1. Make a chain and knit 10 sc in the ring, making a chain stitch in the first stitch.

2. Make a chain and increase it by working (1 dc in the first stitch and 2 dc in the next stitch).

Did you notice that? CH and dc These are the abbreviations for crochet stitches. Saves repeating with the long hand in the pattern. especially if it is a handwritten pattern.

The crochet stitches abbreviations

  • Chain - ch
  • Single crochet work - sc
  • Crochet double - fM
  • Kettmasche - Kettmasche
  • Crochet half double - hdc
  • And so on ...
Further abbreviations

Crochet tutorials are also abbreviated ... just to make life interesting

  • Increase - inc
  • Decrease - decrease
  • Yarn over - yo
  • Yarn over hook - yoh

So there you have it ... crochet stitches are the language skills of the crochet craft. A small turn there is a difference in the names of the crochet stitches in America and Britain ... what a surprise.