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Gratis breipatroon voor een nopjessjaal

Gratis breipatroon voor een nopjessjaal

Deze nopjessjaal is de favoriete sjaal van Loes van Freubelweb. Ze breide hem met het mooie garen Recuay Brushed en deelt het patroon gratis op haar blog.

Do you know this new knitting technique for three yarn strands? If you did not previously have three knives, you made three balls with a scale, calculator, or guesswork. Or use two ends of a strand. As you knit, the balls roll, the threads become entangled and a fascinated cat causes more trouble. Try to knit Navajo.

Wait, do not you mean a spinning technique called Navajo? Putting?

Yes and no. People who spin yarn spin with Navajo, which makes a single layer of a triple braided yarn without using three coils, or for saturated color repeats. When knitting with Navajo, the same technique is used except that you create stripped yarn when knitting.

How does it work?

  1. Make a loop in your yarn and leave a loop big enough to push your fingers through.
  2. Grab the loop, grab your thread and pull out a nice long loop.
  3. If you hold your two loops of yarn as if you were stretching a rubber band, you will see three threads all the way between your hands, with a small link joining two of them.
  4. Knit a few stitches with this triple yarn.
  5. When you reach the last piece of the loop, reach in and pull out another long loop.
  6. Continue knitting and make new stitches as needed.
Set your loops as short or long as you like. However, it may be preferable to create fewer links.

Show these links in my knitting?

Lucy Neatby, the ingenious inventor of this knitting technique, says that these little limbs do not show much at all. There is no need to pull a loop from here to all eternity. You can choose one arm length for each loop or what you (and your curious cat) think most comfortable.

Is this series of loops like a crochet chain - on drugs?

Exactly. A crochet chain consists of a series of loops, each rolled through a previous loop. The size of each loop depends on the size of your crochet hook.

In this case, there is no crochet hook, just your fingers. If you want to have oversized stitches, let someone grab you while walking down the hall. It could be a good exercise.

What are the pitfalls?

  • You could overturn the cat or blacken the eye of a too close person while pulling out a loop.
  • There may be a dangerous stash improvement.
How is that possible?

Do you have a yarn cone that you stowed? Maybe it's some fine-stranded silk that is so gorgeous that you can not resist buying it, but can not be wrapped into multiple balls for knitting?

Well, now you can use this yarn or any other nice, affordable knitting machine yarn for any number of delicious projects. Oops, do you suddenly have more projects than you could knit in a lifetime?