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Gratis haakpatroon: BEER

Gratis haakpatroon: BEER

Kijk wat ik gevonden heb op een gratis haakpatroon van Stuffed Hearts om een Oliver de beer te maken…

First of all, you have to understand what cashmere is and why people want it. Cashmere is different from normal sheep wool. It is finer, softer and up to eight times warmer than regular wool. The finest cashmere in the world comes from Mongolia. The cold, dry climate and high altitude in Mongolia are perfect for making the most luxurious cashmere in the world. The cashmere is actually the fine inner fur of the cashmere goat and serves to protect the animal from icy winter temperatures. That's why cashmere is so warm. Cashmere is harvested in the spring when the goat takes off its thick winter coat. Sometimes cashmere is mistaken for alpaca or angora, but it is far superior.

Hobbyists love to make all kinds of cashmere. There are two ways to recycle cashmere items. One method is to carefully cut the pieces at the seams and reuse the pieces intact. Craftsmen mend the pieces to create a whole new item like a blanket or a quilt. Another method is to untangle the cashmere and use the yarn to make an item completely from scratch. Both methods require time and patience, as working with Kashmir is very confidential.

If you know how to sew, you can make exquisite craft and baby items from intact pieces of adult-size cashmere pullover. Baby hats, baby shoes, blankets and mittens made of cashmere are beautiful gifts and are very popular with environmentally aware parents. If sewing is not your strength, and you know how to knit or crochet, you can dislodge cashmere garments in cashmere yarn and knit or crochet these pieces from the ground up. Imagine how soft and delicate a hand-made cashmere baby blanket feels.

Cashmere craft goes well beyond baby products. You can also create beautiful scarves, hats, gloves, mittens and squares. Handmade dog sweaters are often made from recycled cashmere. Do not forget socks. On a brutally cold winter's day, there's nothing warmer than a pair of fine cashmere socks that keep your feet warm.

There's something else you can make from recycled cashmere. Money! Collect your old cashmere items and sell them on eBay. Everything that is 100% cashmere is a sturdy seller on eBay. 100% cashmere sweaters, scarves, vests, hats, blankets and gloves are quite profitable online. Vintage cashmere will bring the highest price as it is usually thicker and more luxurious than today's bulk cashmere.

Craftsmen often buy old cashmere to use as a raw material for their creations. If you're an experienced craftsman, you can sell your own cashmere work on the Etsy website. If there is no cashmere in your home, check your local second-hand store. In second-hand stores you will find frequently used cashmere sweaters for less than five dollars. Expect a fourfold increase in this investment in selling cashmere items on eBay.

Think about how you can recycle these old cashmere sweaters or scarves before throwing them away. Even if you do not know how to create something new with an old sweater, it does and will gladly take someone else's clothes off. You could even earn some money with the deal. Visit my eBay blog for more ideas on how to turn mess into money.