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Gratis haakpatroon: TAPESTRY TAS

Gratis haakpatroon: TAPESTRY TAS

Kijk wat ik gevonden heb op Freubelweb.nl: een gratis haakpatroon van Crochet 365 Knit Too om een tapestry tas te haken #freepattern #freecrochetpatterns #freecrochet

If you want to knit a sweater from the top, where do you start? Have you ever tried a sweater with top-down knit pattern? You can create your own top-down sweater pattern if you know three things: your knitting strength, the size of your finished sweater and your neck size. Can it be that easy?

knit teaching

This means that you are knitting a color swatch with the yarn you love, and needles that you think make a nice fabric. If you find a happy combination that produces a fabric that you love, measure over the stitches in the middle. How many stitches per inch did you get? Also counting stitches. They add up.

Finished sweater size

Measure your favorite sweater, which has a similar weight to your swatch instead of measuring yourself. Why? Because your favorite sweater indicates in which area you feel comfortable. You want your custom top-down sweater to be the same size - unless you can improve it. Maybe you always wanted your sleeves to stick longer. Or a V-neckline. Do it.

Ad plus size matches fit

If your favorite sweater measures 40 inches above the chest and your color swatch has six stitches per inch, multiplied by forty-six. You need 240 stitches on the chest of your new pullover. This is your key number according to Elizabeth's Percentage System (EPS), which gives you a formula for the number of stitches you'll need anywhere else.

Top down raglan, who?

Here's a wonderful online resource for knitting a raglan pullover from above: http://www.woolworks.org/patterns/raglan.html

Pamela Costello gives you the percentage of stitches you'll need on the neck (here, where your neck measures are needed) for back, sleeve and front stitches as well as instructions to increase the stitches at the front of the neckline. Combine your furnishing worksheet with EPS and knit a tailored top-down sweater in the color and pattern of your dreams. Have fun knitting!