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How much yarn do you need graphic

How much yarn do you need graphic

How much yarn do you need graphic

Vintage books and magazines were full of prints and advertisements, as well as other paper items that were not only interesting but also highly collectable and profitable. So many things that come from these old releases are very popular on eBay, including: prints, advertisements, knitting patterns and other patterns, recipes, article guides, historical articles, music scores, stories, and other material that is not copyrighted. .. etc. etc. etc.

I just want to introduce you to some of these easy-to-find articles.


Old prints are valuable collectibles & # 39; Pieces and there is a good income that can be achieved simply by neatly packaging prints and categorizing them by topic. The best-selling eBay items are: animals, sports (especially golf and horse racing), kings, artists in music halls. topographical (named places) and children.


The advertising was often very richly decorated, colored or black and white, photographically or drawn by artists. Regardless of their shape, framed and unframed, mounted and unmounted advertisements are very popular on eBay, with a recent $ 18,000 ad by a slave trader at The Memphis Daily Avalanche in 1859.


"Newspaper Cuttings", sometimes referred to as "cuttings" As both names suggest, these are merely articles cut out of books and other printed publications. They can be big or small or even combine several sections of a book that are linked to a particular topic. You can get high prices on eBay, as well as an 1909 article on magician Houdini, issued in May 2005 for $ 200, and newspaper clippings by Rudolph Valentino, who raised $ 305 at about the same time.

Gifts and promotional items from early publications

Early releases often included useful free gifts for readers, some of which are profitable collectors & # 39; Article today. The most common free gifts were advertising supplements and sometimes, advertising books, rulers, coloring books, and children's maps. Maps are particularly popular in older books and are among eBay's most expensive articles, such as the 1873 Beers Atlas of Maps of Long Island New York, which recently grossed more than $ 2,000, and the Mitchell Map of Missouri and Arkansas found folded in a grubby old book from 1937, which reached $ 1702.


Some early releases, larger ones, had a double page center that produced great posters and prints. You can get $ 20 and more. As with all publications, learn to specialize and look for journals aimed at a particular audience, such as dog lovers, train enthusiasts, vintage cars, etc. This will allow you to gain experience on specific topics and the person you are with can shop on eBay.

Crazy dress

Another very simple project where you just have to look for copyright-free designs and designs that you can combine into books or sell individually. They are all big sellers on eBay, especially for traditional costume parties like Halloween.


The secret is to look for copyright-free cartoons that you can copy and paste or frame as they are, or rebuild to fit the market today. As for other copyright-free material, while there is no law against picking up and using cartoons, it is probably immoral and unethical to claim the work as your own.

Cater for Lovers ... of everything and everyone!

In fact, this title is somewhat misleading as this project covers virtually every interest for which there is a large, even better, undefined audience. Here compiled books and the like can be sold in print, on CD or as a download on eBay.

This is my favorite and probably the one that I can most easily benefit from. All you do here is to cut, collect and sort as many snippets as you can relate to a specific topic or topic. Cats, dogs, golf, writing, children, Amish recipes, fortune telling, witchcraft and more are useful ideas for books that are simply compilations of everything you find on the subject.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1001 great golf jokes

Everything you did not know about cats

Psychic cat and dog stories

1001 great dating tips

500 Amish recipes

Candles and Witchcraft: Ten True Stories Lighting Your Life

50 ways to reduce the stress of everyday life

101 ways to market your writing

Early veterinary practices

Let grandma's kitchen make money for you

With the inclusion of early recipes in book or report form for the sale in print, on CD or by e-mail attachment from eBay offers money can be earned. Recipes do not have to be popular today; You can research and write down some of the less appetizing dishes that our ancestors may have enjoyed. Centuries ago.

knitting patterns

Knitting and other crafting patterns are extremely popular on eBay, especially in typical niche markets such as dolls & # 39; Clothes, war economy designs, clothing for animals and so on. Search again for non-copyrighted items and other patterns that have never had a legal copyright. Many old publications contained free samples as loose items or pull-out publications that did not require additional work to sell. However, you are not always allowed to copy these articles. So if you have a good salesman, try to get as many copies of the parent publication as possible.

There are so many books and magazines, so many ways to make money from them. What are you waiting for?