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Knot Me Up Headband, Free Crochet Pattern

Knot Me Up Headband, Free Crochet Pattern

Free Baby or Adult Crochet Headband Pattern, in multiple sizes. A beautiful stitch and a cute knot make this headband special. Visit my blog for the pattern.

They knit a color pattern, as everyone says, except you do not know what it tells you. If the sample is to have a thickness of 5 stitches per inch, but your fabric sample has a thickness of 6 1/4 stitches per inch, do you know what to do? If you need fewer stitches per inch, what needle size should you try next?

With fewer stitches per inch, a larger needle size is required.

So if you've used a size 4 needle for your 6 1/4 stitch pattern and you want 5 stitches per inch, change some needle sizes to maybe size 6. See what happens when you knit with this size. What do you do if your pattern is to have a thickness of 7 stitches per inch and your pattern has 6 1/4 stitches per inch? You need more stitches per inch. Which needle size should you try next?

More stitches per inch require a smaller needle size.

If you want 7 stitches per inch instead of the 6 1/4 stitches in your knit sample, try knitting with a needle one or two smaller. See if you can judge that.

In addition to the needle size, two other factors can influence your measuring range.

Your mental state when knitting is a factor. If you are tense, you will knit tighter than when you are relaxed - or under the influence of a glass of wine, to bring you through the color pattern trauma.

The other factor is the material your needles are made of. The way in which some yarns slide along metal needles may give you a great deal of strength, while other yarns are so slippery that your stitches may descend worryingly from the needle. You can knit tighter to compensate, but that does not fix the problem and can cause hand cramps.

Switch from metal to wood or plastic needles and see if knitting becomes easier and better. Or if your yarn grips your needles and does not slip for easy knitting, switch from wood or plastic to metal.

Here's a quick, simple color pattern trick.

Knitting and yarn designer Cheryl Oberle has a color pattern trick that will help you determine which needle size you need for magic. Make 30 stitches, knit your pattern and measure across the entire pattern. If the size of the needle you are using does not match the yarn, the color field will increase or decrease by exactly one-half inch as you go up or down one size. It does not matter if you knit your pattern in straight socks, ribs, cables or lace.

Well, are you saying?

Now, since changing the size of the needle changes the color field by half an inch, you can immediately see that a needle that is three sizes larger has a thickness. Or two sizes smaller. Fast and easy, right?

Find out which needle is the right size for your pattern.

If you are not good enough to knit the knitting patterns, you should be prepared for an unpleasant surprise when trying on your finished sweater. One stitch per inch makes a radical difference. Even half, third or quarter stitches per inch too much or too little affects the fit of the pullover.