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10 Beginner Yoga Poses for Plus Size Women

10 Beginner Yoga Poses for Plus Size Women

If you’re overweight and don’t know where to start, don’t worry, I’ve got you! You may not know it, but yoga for weightloss is a real thing and it provides real results. To show you what I’m talking about, here are 6 foundational yoga poses to get you started with yoga for obese beginners. All of these poses make for the perfect plus size beginner workout, so let's get to it!

We are back and discussing the different yoga balance exercises.

We discussed the Peacock pose and its variations. Now I will show how to do the Crow pose.

It is noteworthy that the crow can be seen as an antidote to peacock keeping, even when the hands are placed and the position of the spell.

Considering the suggestions that I made in earlier articles on the Sivananda Yoga style, and the need for countermeasures, please make sure that the peacock, when you make it, is in balance with the crow and at least the length of time, that you put into the execution of the previous pose.

How to do the yoga crow pose

The yoga crow pose can be described as having your legs supported by your arms and your legs flexed. By keeping the pose itself, including increasing physical and mental balance, the crow develops a mental peace and also strengthens your wrists and forearms. For the actual technique

Crow attitude (Bakasana):

Sit on your toes and keep your knees apart.

Now keep your hands firmly on the ground.

Put your knees on the appropriate arms. Now lift your toes and slowly balance yourself.

Keep aiming for as long as possible for 3-4 minutes ...

Now for variations of the pose:

1st variant 1

Have your arms wide apart

2nd variant 2
Keep your arms shoulder width apart

Demands more strength and willpower ... but somehow makes you laugh

3rd variant 3
Lock your elbows directly under the inner part of the synagogues.

Then here is a short overview of the sub-crows positions:

Page Crow Pose Variation 1:

As in Variation 1, put both legs first on the right and then on the left arm.

Page Crow Pose Variation 2:

Stretch out the legs in the above variant.

Page Crow Pose Variation 3:

Stretch your legs and place your right arm between your thighs. Now make an ankle lock by placing the left ankle over the right one. Now slowly lift the body and prepare for a strange reason to laugh

As I said earlier, for reasons of time and space, I have briefly discussed how to occupy the peacock, crow, and side-rung positions. However, it is enough to say that it is somehow the best way to give instructions on how to do it. Either go to Google Images to see what the final position should look like, or go to You-Tube This author (thanks to The Divine For That) for a detailed visual description.

Here are a few points to consider

1. Of course, for these posts, the alignment is the key.

2. Focus, determination in accordance with the will to let go.

3. If you lean forward to get to "Crow," keep your line in front of you instead of looking down.

4. Grasp the abdominal wall (remember to pull the navel into the spine) while lifting the hips slightly.

5. Do not forget to breathe! If you feel pain during this pose, stop.

Here is the restoration of balance in your life and for your health.