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10 Minute Beginner Yoga Routine to Ease Back Pain

10 Minute Beginner Yoga Routine to Ease Back Pain

My back pain is finally gone! I am so happy and it is a lot easier then people think…doing this simple yoga routine a couple times a week for the next 2 weeks will help you find back pain relief…YES RELIEF! It feels good to be pain free and I cant wait for your back pain to go away to. #backpainrelief #yogaforbackpain

Do you want to get fit and slim with yoga? What do you imagine as yoga?

Yes, it is a series of body extensions that is an aspect that is the aspect that develops the mind when you connect the two together. It is well known that yoga improves flexibility, but some still wonder how it improves fitness.

YOGA BODY AND SPIRIT FITNESS (I like to call it Muscle Mind Link.)

There are many yoga styles that can help you get in shape. One model is Ashtanga Yoga; It's a style that supports dynamic movements and flowing transitions between postures. It can be done as a very powerful cardio workout and isometric body weight training. The world-famous Madonna practices Ashtanga Yoga and began to practice Ashtanga after the birth of her first daughter. This is more than 12 years ago, now she has a great figure as a 51-year-old. Boyer Coe (Grand Prix World Champion) says about yoga stretching; "It builds bigger muscles of better quality."

The obvious advantages are:

  • Helps to prevent attitude problems. (after doing yoga, I am sitting and standing)
  • Increases freedom of movement. (especially after lifting weights)
  • Improves the look of the muscles
  • Strengthens the muscles,
  • Gives this slim, streamlined look
  • Soothes your mind and helps you to concentrate.

The not so obvious advantages are;

  • After weight lifting, pain is minimized, allowing for faster recovery and improved muscle growth. It allows the blood to flow into the muscle regions that need to be repaired.
  • It develops the nuclear power (try a handstand and feel how the abdominal muscles work)
  • It stimulates the circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems. (Heavy weightlifting damages the nervous system that you need to rest, and yoga helps a lot with this recovery.)


In an analysis at the University of California, Davis, USA, they examined the relationship between yoga and fitness. The researchers tested muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition and lung function of 10 students before and after eight weeks of yoga training.

Each week, students attended four sessions, including one

  • 10 minutes pranayama (breath control)
  • 15 minutes warm-up exercises
  • 50 minutes asanas (yoga poses)
  • 10 minutes meditation.

After eight weeks the students have:

  • Muscle strength had increased by up to 31 percent,
  • Muscle endurance by 57 percent,
  • Flexibility of up to 188 percent,
  • and VO2max by 7 percent

In view of the brevity of the experiment, a very considerable increase.


A related study at Ball State University provides further evidence of yoga and its fitness benefits. This study looked at how 15 weeks of twice-weekly yoga classes changed the lung capacity of 287 college students. All participating students, including athletes, asthmatics and smokers, significantly improved lung capacity by the end of the semester.

Jack England, an 81-year-old yoga and yoga teacher at Club Med in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, says that for more than 30 years, yoga has kept him flexible, healthy and strong. He has the same weight and height as in high school and his excellent health still impresses his doctor. He thrills the audience at Club Med with shoulderstand and other poses as he balances on a float board in a water ski show. He is an inspiration to people of all ages, he says. "I do things that the 14-year-old can not do".

Stephanie Griffin, a 33-year-old director of business development for a pharmaceutical research firm in San Francisco, discovered yoga after years of marathoning, spinning and weightlifting. Before she found yoga, she thought that her intense exercise habits had made her a figurehead for health and fitness. In the last four years, Griffin, however, began to do more yoga and less running, weight lifting and aerobics. As she restrained her hard fitness routine, she feared she might gain weight or lose her muscle tone or her training capacity. I have maintained my fitness and even improved it through yoga. says Griffin, who has no membership in the gym. "And I like how my body looks and feels better now than it used to."

What's next?

Always stretch after warming up! Warm Muscles Stretch much easier than cold muscles.

The best scenario is to stretch for at least 10 to 15 minutes each day. At least 3-4 times a week. A warm-up period of 10-15 minutes is better. In addition, the recovery can be significantly accelerated by stretching for 10-15 minutes to cool off. Another good time to stretch is right before bed. It relaxes the muscles and helps you to recover from the hardships of the day and to sleep well.

So, if you want to stay physically and mentally fit, make sure your yoga practice includes a balance of posts that builds strength, stamina, and flexibility, as well as breathing work and meditation to promote body awareness.

In particular, include a series of standing poses in your practice. Add more challenging asanas, such as B. balancing poses and inversions. If you only do gentle yoga for 15 minutes, which is done three to four times a week, you will need to do another form of exercise to stay fit. You need to do something in addition to yoga for a while, until you can practice more robustly.

ENJOY Whatever you do!

However, the right form of exercise is the one that you enjoy the most and that you continue to do regularly and almost daily. Yoga has many benefits, so do yoga regularly and enjoy it. In addition to the fitness aspects, yoga offers many other gifts.

It improves your health, reduces stress, improves sleep, and usually acts as a powerful therapy that helps to heal relationships, improve your career, and improve your overall attitude towards life.