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15 Minute Yoga Routine to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

15 Minute Yoga Routine to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

15 Minute Yoga Routine to Lose Weight and Boost Your Metabolism for yoga beginners. #yoga #yogaweightlose #yogaroutine #inforgraphic

I was often surprised at the value of each yoga position, so I did some research to find out. All yoga positions help to develop strength and flexibility. However, the type of yoga posture you take also offers some very specific benefits.

Standing poses

They are contained in many poses and help to align your feet and body. This type of yoga posture is especially useful to improve your posture. Standing poses strengthen your legs while increasing flexibility in your legs and hips. They increase the mobility of your neck and shoulders and increase the flexibility of your pelvis and lower back. One of the most basic standing poses is Mountain Pose.

Seated poses

These poses increase the flexibility of your hips and lower back while strengthening your back. They increase the suppleness of your spell and the elasticity of your hips, knees, ankles and groin. It also promotes a deeper breathing, which helps to make you feel calm and peaceful.

forward bend

This type of yoga position helps to stretch the lower back and thighs. Forward bending also releases tensions in the back, neck and shoulders and increases the mobility of your spine. They often promote a sense of calm. I find forward bows particularly challenging because I have some stiffness in my neck due to an old gym injury. This is the kind of yoga position where I often use props like a strap or a block.

back bends

They open your chest, ribcage and hips. They strengthen your arms and shoulders while increasing the mobility of your shoulders. They relieve tension on the front of your body and at the hips and increase the stability of the spine. You should always do backbending as an adjunct to forward bending to maintain balance in your body.


Although balance poses can be challenging, I think they are among the funniest poses you can do. They help you to develop muscle tone and coordination as well as strength and flexibility. They help to improve your post because you really need to lengthen your spine to prevent it from falling over. This type of yoga posture helps to train your mind to focus your attention. If your attention is not focused, you can not perform the pose.


I love to do turns. Twists release tension in your spine and increase the mobility of your shoulders and hips. They also help to bind back pain by stretching and loosening your back muscles. I often feel tightness in my upper back, and spins help me loosen that area. It is important to always turn on both sides of the body to ensure alignment and balance.

Supine and prone

Supine poses are made on the back. They help stretch your abdominal muscles, open your hips, and increase your spine mobility. They relieve tension and strengthen the back, arms and legs.

Lying poses are made with a view of the ground. They strengthen your arms and back and open your hips and groin. They give tension and increase the mobility of your spine. One of my favorite postures is Extended Seal because I find it very relaxing and can stretch my shoulders and upper back.


This type of yoga position develops strength and endurance, especially in your upper body. It also increases circulation because your legs are higher than your heart, reversing normal blood flow. Inversions help drain fluid from your feet and legs. They are therefore ideal if you have long been up. Advanced inversion poses require a lot of power and alignment and should only be learned under the guidance of a certified teacher. People with glaucoma, pregnant women and menstruation should avoid inversion poses.

relaxation poses

Relaxation poses are usually done at the end of a yoga practice. They calm mind and body and promote a deep sense of relaxation. This type of yoga posture is often one of the most challenging tasks, especially for Westerners, who often have a hard time letting go. One of the most famous relaxation poses is Corpse Pose.

There are hundreds of poses in yoga and they all offer wonderful benefits to the body and mind. If you understand any kind of yoga posture, you can choose from any kind a rounded exercise with asanas or perform the exercises that meet the needs of your body at some point.