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20 Minute Full Body Yoga Workout for Beginners (+ Free PDF)

20 Minute Full Body Yoga Workout for Beginners (+ Free PDF)

20 Minute home yoga workout for beginners

When I decided to do yoga, it was only for the physical benefits. I knew it would make me stronger and more flexible and give me a pretty tight booty and abs. What I now know about practicing yoga is that it is more of a spiritual than a physical search. You will begin to understand that there are two worlds in which we exist, the spiritual and the non-spiritual, and you will begin to see the differences between the two. You achieve emotional stability and mental clarity, inner balance and insight, who and what you really are. Yoga is a way to be, it's a lifestyle handed down to you from over 5,000 years of history. Almost like a guide to help you lead a happy and fulfilling life and keep you in constant flux.

Yoga is not a religion but a philosophy and a big part of the Indian tradition. The practice of yoga has Hindu roots and was probably first passed on by Lord Shiva to his wife Pavarti. It is regularly mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures called the Vedas. The actual word "yoga" comes from the Vedic Sanskrit word "Yuj", which means "union" or "connecting" or "unifying" and means the connection between mind, body and spirit.

The poses are called asanas and each have a specific effect on the body and mind. Physically you will gain more strength and flexibility as well as more endurance, more pain tolerance and improved blood circulation. Mentally, the poses help you to concentrate and be purposeful so that you can achieve spiritual calm and clarity.

There are many poses and variations of poses in yoga. There are sitting poses, standing poses, lying poses, even upside-down poses. Each pose is aimed at a specific exit. There are poses to increase the sex drive, lower blood pressure, relieve stress, increase energy, reduce cramps and PMS. There is a pose for everything. The more you practice the yoga poses you like, the faster you will feel balanced and physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.

A series of poses that I first learned was a variation of post called "Sun Salutation." It is a series of twelve poses consisting of Forward Diffraction and Backward Diffraction postures. This variant helps to pump blood through the body and increase digestion by consuming more oxygen. This is a great way to help your body detoxify and get rid of the daily toxins.