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Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses

Attitude may be genetic, but that does not mean that you can do nothing about it. Tightening and strengthening your core as well as loosening the muscles that keep your spine in line can have a huge impact on how you sit, stand, or even walk at a desk. Here are some poses from the ancient tradition of yoga that will get you started, free of pain, standing and walking.


This is one of the simplest poses in yoga; Many classes will start here. In the final position, your knees are under your stomach, your head is pointing to the floor, and your arms are outstretched touching the floor. Be sure to breathe evenly and deeply as you reach this posture. It lengthens the spine and relieves the neck and shoulders.


Mountain is also very easy; it is a modified form of standing. Your feet are on the floor and your hands are at your sides, a few inches from your hips. The trick is to roll back the shoulder blades. This pushes your chest forward and allows you to reach full lung capacity. This can help to reduce the burden on the lower back by sitting for hours.

Standing forward bends

The forward stand starts in hill hold. From this position, lean forward and drop your arms to the floor. Then grab your elbows with the hands of the opponent and breathe. You should feel your upper body slowly sinking as your trapeze and erection muscles begin to stretch. This helps to relieve the shoulders and upper back, which are caused by tension in the shoulders.

Cobra Pose

Cobra is an advanced yoga move. Do it slowly on your first try. You may also want to have a mat or a towel at hand. It starts with you putting your feet together on your chest. Spread your palms shoulder width apart and lift your upper body with your arms while keeping your pelvis in contact with the mat. Curl your neck back and look up at the ceiling. While you are in the cobra, you lose your abdominal muscles, which are responsible for keeping you upright and strengthening your lower back.

Locust Pose

This is sometimes referred to as a "superhero" because it resembles a flying crusader, or as a "crescent moon" because your body is crescent-shaped in the end position. Lie back with your stomach on the mat or towel. Lift your chest and arms while lifting your feet. They should be balanced on your core and pelvis. This will build a strong base over time.

Although some of these poses are more difficult, achieving these poses helps you stretch and build the muscles in your core and back, and helps your post while sitting, standing, walking, and even running. If you have questions about these or other poses that may be helpful to your contribution or other aspects of your life, you can always contact your local yoga teacher.