Want to get strong and toned Abs? Try these great Yoga exercises that will help you trim up and get those abs and the rest of your body in shape with Yoga.

A & # 39; Spare wheel & # 39; seems to be inevitable as we get older, but that's NOT the case. The truth is that when we understand the changes in our metabolism and our hormones due to aging, we can stop packing the pounds around our centers.

Persistent belly fat is not only ugly, it can also be dangerous. Doctors call it "waist roundness". and it has been linked to pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Other studies have linked belly fat to a number of other serious illnesses, including:

• Cancer

• High blood pressure

• high cholesterol

• heart disease

• Dementia

and more.

What can you do to ban and lose belly fat? Yoga can help you with both.

Yoga uses the weight of your own body to give you a good workout. You can develop great abdominal muscles and a solid core every day in about 15 minutes, and the best thing is that you do not have to do endless crunches.

Here are the key ways yoga can help reduce stomach fat:


Good posture is essential for strong muscles. Good abdominal muscles expel belly fat. Whenever you sit, walk or stand, check your abs. Tense your stomach, tense the abdominal muscles and see what difference it can make to your stomach and back. Yoga poses that can help you can do almost anywhere, including mountain and tree, if you do not lift your arms.

Yoga poses for the abdominal muscles

Focus on postures that are good for the abdominal muscles. Try Boat, Plank and Chaturanga.

Yoga poses for the core

Pay particular attention to yoga exercises that are well-suited to developing a strong core, including Dolphin Plank, Side Plank and Donkey Kick.

Calories burned with yoga

All exercise will burn calories. With yoga, you can burn 500 to 800 calories per hour, up to 1,300 calories per 90-minute Bikram course (although this is not recommended for seniors or those with serious health problems).

Muscles instead of fat

As you train your abs, you develop long, lean muscles and banish belly fat.

A fast metabolism

Long, lean muscle burns calories more efficiently than fat to help you lose weight fast.

If you are tired of looking into the mirror of a spare tire, try yoga and see how fast you can banish belly fat forever.

There are many other benefits to practicing yoga regularly. It not only gives you a stronger and better looking body, It can also improve your concentration and other mental abilities.

Yoga is an excellent form of strength training. Therefore, it can be used as part of a general exercise program that reconciles strength building and cardio workouts, so that the heart pumps faster and trains more because the heart is the most important muscle in the body.

In addition to a stronger body, You will also gain a strong mind. Yoga requires concentration and mental concentration to reach and hold the poses or to practice the various kinds of breathing in yoga known as pranayama.

Good breathing can lead to less stress and anxiety and improve overall health and vitality, which in turn can lead to better choices and better relationships. After all, it is difficult to do something good when you are ill.

Other valuable benefits of yoga are:

• Delay the aging process by effectively detoxifying your body

• reduce fatigue

• Increase the energy throughout the day after the morning workout

• Boost your metabolism to burn calories more efficiently

• Build a long, slender muscle that can help maintain healthy weight

• Improvement of sleep quality and duration

• Better control over your body and mind

• Increase body awareness for better training

• Strengthen self-confidence

• Provides more relaxation and less stress in life

and more.

What are you waiting for with so many benefits for yoga?