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7 Yoga Poses to Naturally Lower Cortisol & Lose Belly Fat, Too

7 Yoga Poses to Naturally Lower Cortisol & Lose Belly Fat, Too

Q: What is a holistic vision?

Answer: Holistic vision is also called "helicopter view" or "bird's eye view". When we sit on a runway in an airplane, we can only see a very narrow stretch outside, but when we fly up, we have a bigger picture. It's just important to have a better picture of every situation before making a decision. Every situation has to be seen from different perspectives. The world is different for a small child, for a teenager and for an elderly person. The perception also changes based on the generations, the exposure and the life experiences. Taking into account different perspectives helps us to make an objective, unbiased decision instead of just having one's own opinion, not only in spiritual but also in worldly life.

Q: What is the nature of this self?

Answer: Lord reveals the Atma in verse 20

It exists in the past but is always new. Atma is not destroyed, even if the body is destroyed. All modifications that happen to the objects of this universe, but not to ego, the self.

Q: What is Self, Atma or Consciousness?

Answer: Have you ever wondered when you say, "My hand hurts, my legs are strong, my thoughts are positive, who is that, Myself?" Who am I?

When a hole is in a balloon, the air escapes. Have you ever thought about how the air flows in and out of something with nine holes? That's our body. How is that possible? Can you create such equipment? A newborn with all functioning systems, with a thinking mind and mind that can make decisions?

It's all down to what opens your eyes, what makes your hand feed you, what makes your legs transport you, what makes the mind think, what enables your intellect to make decisions ; Presence & # 39; without which none of them is possible. We can call it by any name.

Atma, self, consciousness, God, Lord, power are all words that describe the indescribable. These words are just sounds.

"I," who knows the change, sees the change in that body, mind, and the world outside. As everyone & # 39; this & # 39; seen, heard, tasted, smelled, or felt differs from all of them, and therefore the seer, the witness of all actions, is "I" immutable.

"I is ...

Avinashi .. indestructible: eternal, always present. The five elements are constantly changing. The atoms and molecules are constantly changing, while the Atman is not altered, it is indestructible and permeates everything.

Idham and aham. & # 39; This & # 39; and the".

& # 39; Idham & # 39; is all experiences, "aham" is the experiencer.

& # 39; aham & # 39; penetrates all & # 39; idham & # 39; You can not experience the world without experiencing your self.

Without the topic, there can be no experience. I see, I hear, I touch, I taste ...

Without "me" we can do nothing about it. Without "me" nothing can be known. A theme is required for the experience of this world. Every experience of this world is therefore due to "I". "I" permeates this whole world.

Who is this? Because we are in contact with this body, it is very difficult to understand that I am permeating everything. For example: The space within the pot looks limited within the pot, but in fact the space inside and outside the world, the universe, and the galaxy is the same.

avyayam : Atma can not be destroyed. It is imperishable, there is no loss of value.

Self-destruction is impossible. Even people who commit suicide do so only for the body, the Atma is indestructible.

The nature of the body is to constantly change, to dance constantly, eventually to end, to descend and dissolve. The same materials are used for a different body. This cycle goes on and on.

Aprameya ... Prameya is what can be recognized through pramana, through a means of knowledge, an instrument or an equipment. Color is seen through the eyes, music is heard through the ears. Eyes and ears are the means of knowledge

What is known is & # 39; prameya & # 39;

Pramata is the knower

Pramana is the instrument

Pramya .. what is known

To know something, we need an instrument, but atma is aprameya ... can not be recognized with any instrument.

If it is known, then the knower differs from the known one.

Q: What are the means for knowledge?

Answer: There are six types of instruments, six means of knowing, with which we know something in this universe.

1. Through the senses (Prathyaksha Praman)

2. Thru inference smoke reveals fire (Anuman Praman)

3. By comparison, comparing the metals on Mars with what we know on Earth (Upamanam)

4. Through the words of a realized master (Sabhdha Praman)

5. By studying the effect we understand the cause of how health (Arthaa patthi ex: flood shows that it has rained)

6. By unavailability they know that nothing is there and know that there is nothing. By negation in the blood test on certain things negative (Un upalapthi)

All scriptures are Sabhdha praman (vocals), those who have recognized atma verbalize it to us. We can not see it, we can not deduce it. we can not compare it, but it is only through the words of a realized master that we can realize that atma is then recognized, that we are atma, the true nature.

Sabhdha praman (which is verbalized) is not to gain the knowledge of the self, but to eliminate the misunderstanding of the self. By studying the scriptures of a guru, all misunderstandings disappear and the self reveals itself. It seems self (svayam prakashaham).

Ananda ... It's luck, not because of something.

The self is the consciousness itself that is unaware of something!

Anadhi ... without beginning

Anantham without end.

Nithyaha eternal, Atma is not born, it never dies. There is no Punarjanma, rebirth for Atma. Atma does not go to reincarnation, Ajaha unborn.

Sashvataha invariably,

Puranaha .. pura api navam old and yet always new.

Q: Explain Karma Yoga

Ans: Karma is an action, but Karma Yoga is an attitude that makes you karma.

Everything happens in the room. Space does nothing, it does not trigger action on anything. But there is something that lets everything happen in space. All planets are in space, spinning, turning, but the room is not doing anything.

In a similar way everything happens in this self, but the self itself is not the doer.

The action happens at the level of the body, at the level of the mind, because of the weapons. The ego is the doer, not the self. How the vehicle moves because of the gas, but the gas does not get the car anywhere. The same Atma is present in every being.

Asangaha ... atma remains untouched ... atma is not a mind, it is not an object that exists in this body, between the eyebrows or in the heart. Atma does not fly out when the body dies, as shown in movies!

It's all pervasive. It can not move in space. Space also exists in THIS.

Someone who thinks I am the doer or doer does not know the self. It remains unaffected under all circumstances.

Q: What are the changes that happen to all bodies?

Answer: Before the physical body is born, it exists as a material in the body of the parent. At this time there is no "me".

This material fetus is born with a figure. grows, changes, cheats, dies.

Each body undergoes six modifications: Asti, Jaayathe, Vardhathe, Veeparinamathe, Apaksheeyathe, Vinashyathi

Exists, born, grows, changes, decays and dies.

Atma is untouched by time. It is not changed by time. For example, in a movie, we see the little kid growing into an adult and getting old, getting old, passing it on to the next generation, but the screen behind it is the same. That does not change a bit. Similarly, atma undergoes no modification.

Q: What does it mean that the self is the witness in all?

Answer: When we see a mirage, we see water. We also see the movement of the water, but in fact there is no water at all. Similarly, self-acting shows. Himself is not the doer.

The moon also seems to be moving, but in reality the clouds are moving. The moon is still. We superimpose the idea of ​​the movement of clouds on the moon.

Likewise, the actions happen at the level of the body, the mind, and outside the body. Atma, the pure self, is not the doer. In his presence, all actions happen as through body, mind and intellect

The presence of the sun all activities happens, but the sun does not take action. Who recognizes this from Atma, is free from deeds and pleasure.

Another example would be electricity. In his presence, various devices work, but electricity itself has no heat, light or sound!

Self is pure present. Satcitananda.

Sat..pure existence. Everyone and everyone & # 39; it & # 39; Outputs. Itself does not exist. It is the existence itself.

Chit ... It's pure consciousness. Because of "it" we are aware of something.

Ananda ... is bliss. You can not describe that.

Q: What is life and death, different bodies, reincarnation?

Answer: This body is like a dress of the self. As we change our outfit depending on the activity, wedding, party, jogging, swimming, so does the body for functionality.

Dress affects our mind. Gives confidence in sportswear, racing clothes, relaxation in hiking clothes, professional thinking and attitude in work clothes, humility in clothes that we wear on temples. The same applies to colors. Every color has an influence on our mind. Uniform of a military personnel, police and school uniforms have an influence on their opinion.

When we change, the body does not change. Likewise, our physical body is just a dress, when it becomes ineffective it falls and a new body is taken.

We have a physical body in which there is a substance body with intellect and intellect. Science has made progress in many areas, but it can not show what is going on in life. What makes a thing tick? Our body is matter! What gives these chemicals in the body, the hormones, the self-healing intelligence?

How does an ant know where your sugar is? Not only that, it also communicates with other ants. How does it remember to save for the rainy day?

How does the squirrel know that a seed is underground? How does the rabbit know that greens are possible?

If I throw a stone in the air, we know it's falling to the ground again because of gravity, but when I let go of a bird, no one can tell where it's going! Because because of the presence, it is not just a thing, but an intelligence.

There is a life of intelligence. It is not boring or lazy. Life force is intelligence. The bacteria, the viruses, germs, worms, the fish in which they all have intelligence and in which everything "I" exists ... Everything has something that eludes matter.

When one person dies, the minority body (Sukshma Sarira) moves from that pot to another pot. This subtle body collects impressions and is transported in different lifetimes.

Atma is not a ghost, the impressions do not die when the body dies, they stay. That's the individuality, personality. This personality creates a different body.

We create our own design for the next birth with our thoughts, words and deeds.

Like the chip in a phone. The chip is the personality of this phone. It had all the details, when your physical equipment dies, you can take the chip out into another body! Even if the chip is lost, we will receive the bill for payment. This bill is for the chip and not for the phone.

Similarly, Karma Phala (consequences of actions) comes to the mind, not to the body, whatever body we are, it will come. Because karma is performed by the mind ... the body replicates it. Karmas are like boomerangs, it will always return to the one who initiated them.

Mind and intellect in all karmas of the past are not the highest self, but function on the basis of the self.

In the Gita the Lord removes this grief through knowledge. When one is sad, materials can not eliminate this sadness. If a loved one is dead, anything you give can not eliminate the sadness of a family member, you can not get pizza, buy sweets, or take them to a movie ... Grief can not be eliminated through entertainment, pleasure, prosperity, or material objects. It can be suppressed for some time but can only be removed by knowledge. Atma is indestructible.