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Mind & Body Relaxation Sequence

Give your brain a break and achieve inner peace with this beginner-friendly mind and body relaxation sequence. These 12 soothing yoga poses will help you redirect your mind to become conscious of our breath and allow every muscle in your body to be in a relaxed state of awareness. www.spotebi.com/…

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Yin Yoga Playlist

Lean in and release with Yin yoga. Click through to get the link to the playlist on Spotify. #yoga #yogamusic #yogaplaylist #yogajourney

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Yoga Sequence for Confidence – Free Printable PDF

Yoga Sequence for Confidence – Free Printable PDF This yoga sequence is designed with postures that will expand your chest, increase your levels of testosterone, and boost your confidence. Get the PDF and details at theremoteyogi.blog #YogaforConfidence #ConfidenceBoost

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