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Essential Yoga Sequence for Lower Back Pain

Essential Yoga Sequence for Lower Back Pain

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Overcoming self-destructive habits can be a complex problem. Without a change in behavior and lifestyle, habits often return, sometimes worse than before. Yoga can help bring about this change while improving health and fitness. The main causes of these habits are countless, many of which are related to poor emotional well-being.

Yoga can help to strengthen self-esteem and improve the mind, body and soul. The principles of yoga also promote satya or honesty. By developing Satya, you become honest with yourself and become aware of habits that adversely affect your life.

Ultimately, yoga is about finding yourself. The journey required to bring about change to give up self-destructive habits is also required to successfully practice yoga. Getting to know yourself is a key factor in stopping the habits that cause the damage. Yoga has the effect of uniting mind and body, and this is where the journey begins.


Smoking can be a difficult habit. One of the key aspects of smoking is the temporary release of stress that tobacco marries, causing the smoker to cling to his addiction. Yoga is a fantastic substitute that contributes to a natural, harmless way to stress reduction and at the same time to the physical, mental and emotional well-being. A relaxed mind and body are essential to stop smoking and practice yoga successfully.

There are also indications that the damage to the internal organs caused by smoking can be remedied. The cardiovascular system, which has long been deprived of oxygen, can be improved by increasing the blood flow that yoga produces.

In addition, the concentration of breathing in combination with exercise helps to balance the respiratory system and to overcome the negative effects of smoking on the body.


Drinking is another habit that can be harmful to the body. Although most people can drink in moderation, there are still adverse effects on the body that are caused by the consumption of alcohol and obviously worsened when drinking becomes a problem.

Some people drink like smoking to relax. Yoga can be the substitute a person needs to stop drinking. Why do not you avoid the stress at the end of a stressful day, but a glass of wine?

The respiratory and movement yoga helps you deal with stressful situations. Starting the day with yoga helps you to prepare for the daily challenges of life.


Overeating is another self-destructive habit that can be slowed down by practicing yoga. Unlike drinking and drinking alcohol, we need a relationship with food in order to survive. Yoga can help you to develop a consciousness for your body that causes a healthy interaction with the food. Obviously, in the phase in which you are overweight, there are some forms of yoga and sports in general in which it will be difficult.

Overloading the body at this stage can be more harmful and sometimes dangerous. However, there are courses for beginners that may be suitable for overweight individuals, and over time, your weight will likely decrease if you practice yoga regularly.

By promoting Satya in yourself, you can become aware of what you put into your body. Portion sizes and the quality of foods you eat can all be adversely affected if you successfully practice yoga and Satya.

Emotional food

Finally, emotional eating can also be overcome with yoga. Emotional eating is not just about eating fatty foods in times of emotional stress. It is also associated with constant diet and dissatisfaction with body and mind. Yoga is all about achieving well-being and can help you solve the problem by alerting you to your body.

Yoga is about learning to love yourself. By practicing yoga regularly, you can help to better understand your eating habits and the reasons for them. Meditation in conjunction with yoga can help to create relaxation in oneself and to overcome emotional eating.