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Heart Opening Yoga Sequence with Side Bending Yoga Poses

Heart Opening Yoga Sequence with Side Bending Yoga Poses

Heart Opening Yoga Sequence with Side Bending Yoga Poses

As the weather and seasons change, we often feel our bodies react. When it is colder outside, we feel more restrained and stiffer. When it is warmer, we feel open and supple. But during this transitional period, when more rain may fall or flowers bloom, there may be energy and emotions in the heart and hips that need to move! All you need is a yoga mat, a cushion and a yoga belt to get ready for spring cleaning.

Our hearts are the emotional center of love, joy, gratitude and peace. However, when we suppress our feelings, they often get stuck in the hips. And when we go to our yoga mat, we feel it! Here are two poses that you can try to get emotionally free today.

Gomukhasana / cow face

Here we will open the hips and the heart together. First pull your left leg under your right, so that the knees are pressed firmly in front of you. If this is uncomfortable, just cross your legs or stack your hips on a cushion.

Put your sit bones in the ground and then reach up your right arm and leave your arm behind. Grab your hands behind you or clasp your belt for support. Inhale five times, then forward and hold for another five to ten breaths. Slowly let go and either go to the next pose or practice the other side.

Restoring pigeons / Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana

In the transition from Gomukhasana swing your right leg backwards and move your hips so that they point forward at right angles. Make sure the front leg is turned out so the knee points to the front left corner of your mat. For a deep, supportive variation put a cushion under your hips and one in front of you.

Stretch your back leg and extend your spine as you inhale. As you exhale, slowly fold forward. Drape your upper body and go over the pad and hug it nicely. Exhale all your stress and your old, poisonous thoughts and feelings. Breathe deeply into your hips. Let yourself fall and surrender yourself in this supported pigeon pose. Stay for 2 minutes.

Active pigeon pose

If you want a more dynamic exercise in pigeon farming, try the full variation. If needed, you can still use a pad to support under the hips. Put the legs in the same position. This time, hold your upper body upright and grab the right foot with your right hand. Turn your arm so that you point your elbow to the sky and bring your foot closer to your head, reaching back and back with your other arm.