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Men’s Loving Yoga T Shirt [Limited Edition] Classic Long Sleeve Tee White

Men’s Loving Yoga T Shirt [Limited Edition] Classic Long Sleeve Tee White

yoga poses

Why start with a yoga asana (pose)?

Fitness Foundry strongly believes that we first learn the movement or form of exercise without adding resistance or speed. This creates a solid understanding of the form, the execution of the exercise and develops the connection between mind and body. The goal is to achieve neuromuscular activation and increase motor release for our deconditioned muscles.

The original posture of the yoga tree was developed to condition our muscles isometrically, to strengthen the joints and, above all, to align the body. Tree management also provides balance and stability to the legs, which also corrects the imbalance of the muscles. (synergistic and dominant muscles) The added benefits of regular exercise are increased flexibility and strength in the ankles, knees and hips.

During this exercise / pose, you also promote the circulation of all organs, glands and tissues and supply all body systems with oxygen-containing blood. Maximum Boost Workouts aims to maximize your body potential by harmonizing all body systems. The progress of this exercise is the BodhiTree pose.

Set up the original Yoga Tree pose and do the following. (for original yoga pose visits my page)

Bodhi Tree Pose with Medicine Ball Press

Frequency: 3 sentences, repetitions 8

Intensity: hold position without losing shape. 1 kg ball

Timed: Hold for 2 seconds when the ball is stretched. Inhale on return.

Advance to Bodhi Twisted Tree.



Hold the medicine ball with your elbows on the sides at chest height. Breathe in; Shift your weight to your left foot ... Exhale, bend your right knee, and at the same time turn your knee to your right as you place the sole of your right foot as high as possible in your left inner thigh, with the points down demonstrate. Move your right knee further to the right as you contract the gluteal muscles and extend your tailbone forward.

Stabilize the position and slowly push the ball forward the next time you inhale. The ball should remain at chest level and both arms should be at the same height. Slowly extend your arms in front of your chest. Pluck your back and lift your chest and look straight ahead. Return to the starting position with the ball in front of the heart. Repeat this on the other side.
Pull into your navel. Shape in focus.


Relax from the position, exhale slowly and lower the raised ball to waist level. Next return raised foot to the floor.

Do not push until you can comfortably hold the pose on each side for about 30 seconds.

Tips for trainers:

If you can not lift your left foot up into your right thigh, lower it

on the right leg - be careful not to place your left foot directly on the right
Knee. Note that the coccyx tends to posteriorly incline. Prevent
When this happens, pull the navel back and up. This creates a neutral
Move. For better alignment you should have the feet, the coccyx and the

Top of the head and hands.

The right shape and alignment of the entire body requires concentration and not strength. This leads to a deepening of our mental and physical connection. Finally, moving at a slow pace requires even more control, concentration, and breathing. This leads to neuromuscular activation of muscle memory, injury prevention and self-efficacy.