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Stick Figure Yoga Pose Print

Stick Figure Yoga Pose Print

Cute, minimalist designed poster of stick figures doing yoga poses. Perfect for a yoga studio or home office. #giftideas

Yoga practitioners around the world use the same postures or asanas for their sessions, which contain a unique mix of standing, detained and recumbent postures. No yoga class is considered complete without the yogi being led through a series of positions of all kinds. The standing poses are usually harder to master and require perfect balance and strength as opposed to the restrained or lying postures. For this reason, most of these postures are considered suitable for advanced yoga. A series of postures includes:

Mountain pose: The primary pose that introduces the concept of the silence associated with mountains. It acts as a relaxation phase during a complete yoga session and also helps to achieve stability and balance.

Forward Bend: The simplest standing aid consists of a bend in the waist, helping to loosen the spine and relax the entire body, especially the back and legs.

Pose from hand to toe: This standing posture has a number of variations, the most basic of which is to touch the toes with your hands by flexing the waist forward. The most common deviations are "Extended Hand To Big Toe Pose" and "Wide Legged Hand To Toe".

Downward dog attitude: This is a standing posture, but is also considered as a resting phase and is often done during a yoga session. It stretches the whole body, but also relaxes it. It triggers a sense of calm and relieves stress from the mind. It also rejuvenates the entire body and reduces depression.

Triangle Pose: A very important pose of the standing Asana series, there are two versions. The normal Trikonasana; that uses and strengthens the whole body and the triangle; This is an antidote to the triangular posture. The revised pose is very therapeutic for digestive and abdominal problems.

Chair posture: This standing asana is more suitable for junior yogis, as it requires strength to achieve balance in this posture. Anatomically, it focuses on strengthening the thighs and mastering this posture leads to the healing of flat feet. It also stimulates the heart and abdominal organs.

Adler attitude: An advanced posture, where the body has to be balanced on one leg. It stretches the shoulders and strengthens the legs. The difficulty of achieving balance in this posture also helps to improve concentration.

Half Moon Pose: Another advanced contribution to improving balance, concentration and strength. It is especially beneficial for lower body parts such as hips, thighs and lower back.

Warrior Pose: There are three levels of warrior pose, each for your desired level of practice. Warrior I is for beginners and improves endurance and strength in the yogi. Warrior II is suitable for more advanced users, and Warrior III requires complete mastery of the first two before you can practice it. These poses are all very important positions for all types of yoga.

Other standing asanas are: dolphin-keeping, tree-keeping, halfmoon-keeping, gatekeeping and tree-keeping. To get the most out of a yoga session, it is important to use a combination of these posts that helps balance and promote overall wellbeing.