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Voedingscoach Marlo Wagner – Praktijk voor voedingscoaching en Beweegadvies

Voedingscoach Marlo Wagner – Praktijk voor voedingscoaching en Beweegadvies

Voedingscoach Marlo Wagner – Praktijk voor voedingscoaching en Beweegadvies

Whether you had a broken ankle or tore the ligaments in the ankle or foot or extreme sprain; Modified yoga can effectively strengthen weak ankles. Weak ankles need time to get stronger. The poses require some practice and patience. If you are slow, modified yoga will begin to strengthen your ankles. The most important thing is to walk at your own pace and give yourself enough time to rest. We will not accelerate the recovery phase of healing and weight bearing poses may be painful at the beginning. The procedure is with frequent starts and stops. Starts and stops.

We will do some weight-bearing poses and we will do some ankle stretches. All this gets uncomfortable when you heal. One of the first I suggest for weak ankles are some wall sections that stretch the Achilles heel and heel. Stand against the wall and put your hands over your chest up against the wall. We start with a left foot forward and a right foot backwards. Try to keep the right heel down while pushing your weight forward to the left leg lunge. Release after about five seconds and put on the same side again or change the page. If you have changed your feet, move your right foot forward and left back. Put your left heel down if you can. Slowly jump forward. Stop if the route is too much. Take a break and turn your ankle in a circle. Switch sides and rotate the other ankle. Make the same jump against the wall and try again to keep the heel down. Make both sides.

The next pose can be made on the wall or freestanding without holding on. Spread your feet about hip-width apart, slide your heels up and count for about five to fifteen seconds. Come down. Heels up again. Now, for five to fifteen seconds, we'll press on the balls of our feet and lower our heels halfway before you're done. High, half down and up again. Come down and rest. Again, the heels all the way up, the heels halfway down, all the way up and all the way down to rest on the floor.

You can cling to the wall or backrest of a chair for this exercise. We will try the exercise on one leg. Stand on one foot and rest the other close to the other leg or leg. Push up on the heel of the foot you are standing on, count five to fifteen seconds and come down. Standing on one foot leads to leaks. Come down and turn the knuckle. Stand on the other foot and push the heel up for five to fifteen seconds. This strengthens the ankle, the calf and Achilles.

For this next pose, you can cling to the back of a chair as you think about the balance. First, spread your feet shoulder width apart. Shift your weight to your left foot. See where your big toe starts from your left foot. Bring your right heel to the side of your left big toe, walk the heel about 5 cm in front of your left big toe and then place the right heel about 5 cm to the right on the floor. Bend your left leg so that all the weight is on your left side. Place your heel with your right foot and lift your toes. This is a dynamic stretch you will feel on your ankles, quad muscles and calves. Take your right hand and slide it over your right leg until you can not get any further. If you can reach your toes with your right foot, hold them down for five to fifteen seconds. But hold on to your leg or foot where you feel comfortable.

If you can not do that as described. A modification can be made with a belt. First put the strap on your right foot, hold it tight and lean your body as far as possible to the right foot. Keeping on the belt is a good change if you are not too flexible or worry about the balance. This provides good leverage and is a posture that can be safely performed with a strap.

Now we change. If you cling to a chair, change hands. Get off the chair. Stand on both feet and shift all your weight to your right foot. Move the left heel about 5 cm over the right big toe and push it about 5 cm to the left. Put your left heel down and bring your toes up. Slide your left hand down as far as you can. Hold the pose for five to fifteen seconds. Publication.

After our modified yoga exercises, your ankles, feet or legs feel sore. Let your feet rest, support your feet and legs, and freeze your ankles when you need them. Be patient. It takes time to heal, and to get used to carrying weight again requires some practice. However, if you continue daily with your modified yoga postures, you will feel strong again. Modified yoga can be very effective, but please do not hurry. You get stronger, just allow yourself patience and it's alright to be right where you are right now. Nothing more. You will arrive there.