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Weight Loss Sequence

Weight Loss Sequence

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The lives of people in today's generation are more stressed than in previous generations. There is inevitably high competition in almost all areas, which causes people to get excited and at the same time try to keep up with the competition. The result of this stress has a negative effect on our body system. It creates anxiety and the associated diseases. All these things have an absolute impact on the health of the younger generation. The most common cases involve sexual problems. Some people suffer from infertility while others have problems with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

The good news is that all these problems can be overcome with consistent yoga practice. Just practicing yoga by day is enough to gain total control of body and mind. It also helps to energize the body with positive energy that the body needs to stay healthy and energetic. Let's take a quick look at some yoga exercises that can help combat premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

The Sarvanga Asana

As the name implies, Sarvanga means all organs in Sanskrit. It is a yoga asana or shoulderstand that affects the entire body system. Practice this posture to ensure sexual vitality and a healthy reproductive system. To perform the pose, you have to lie on your back and put your arm close to your body. You also need to lift your legs straight with your knees while you inhale. Make sure to hold your hips with your arms and try to lift your body as much as possible.

The kandasana

Kandasana Yoga is considered the most effective pose for curing sexual problems. Kadasana also helps to improve lower limb mobility and relieve joint pain. To do this yoga pose, sit on the floor with your leg straight. Fold the legs at the knee and also hold the front part of both legs firmly. Then pull it towards the body.

Plow represent

This particular type of pose is an excellent yoga pose that is suitable for the care of the abdominal organs. In addition, it also stretches the shoulder, calms the brain and also controls the symptoms of menopause. The plow pose also helps to improve our digestion. You can also extend shoulder stance to get into the plow pose.

The Gomukhasana

This is another very effective yoga pose. The Gomukhasana not only helps to combat premature ejaculation, but also lets you wake up. The most important thing in yoga practice is durability. Choose a pleasant exercise time without distraction or other thoughts that go through your head. If you are new to yoga practice, it is advisable to seek a qualified teacher who will guide you and explain what to do.