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Yin Yoga Practice at the Wall! Grounding & restoring practice to stretch connect…

Yin Yoga Practice at the Wall! Grounding & restoring practice to stretch connect…

Yin Yoga Practice at the Wall! Grounding & restoring practice to stretch connective tissue & release stress. Class Theme & Sequence Yin Yoga sequences & inspiration for teachers & students! Online classes & ebook available now: www.eva.yoga/writin diet workout yoga poses #YogaSequences

Here are some basic yoga exercises that can be easily performed at home anytime.

These exercises are so easy. People can run them comfortably whenever they have the time.


1. Squats. Put your hands on the floor and place the triceps on the kneecaps. Then tilt forward and lift your feet from the floor to a position that resembles a balanced frog stand. Hold the position for 30 seconds.

2. Pull one leg into the back while holding it at an angle to the floor while simultaneously extending the neck to maintain balance.

3. Stretch your elbows, raise your legs, tilt forward, and then slowly push on a handstand.

These exercises strengthen the entire shoulder girdle. These also help build the core muscles and improve the overall stamina of the body.

100 & # 39; s

Lie down, face up. Bring your legs up and make sure you hold them straight. Make sure your legs are together too. Lift your head and shoulders off the floor, pull in your abdominal muscles, and put your hands next to your thighs.

Next, lower your legs as much as possible while keeping your back on the ground, then push your hands up and down. Count every time you press. Then breathe in about five times and then another five times. Repeat this process until you reach 100, then lower your legs in half.

Tree Pose

First, stand with both feet in a straight line with the arms on the sides and on the body (make sure your ears are over your shoulders, shoulders above your hips, and finally your hips above your ankles).

Inhale next, then bend your right leg. Then pull the heel up until it rests on the inside of your left thigh. Then take the balance and hold that position. While doing so, slowly push your arms over you to make sure your palms touch. Then push the knee back to prevent hip movement. Hold the position for another 30 seconds before switching sides. Make sure that the process is repeated two to three times.


1. Sit comfortably on the ground to start. Then pull the left heel into the groin area. Make sure your right leg is stretched forward. Grab your toes and bend at the waist while keeping your back straight. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Then repeat on the other leg.

2. Put both hands on your toes and twist the trunk sideways with your arms to form a "window". This ensures a good physical warm-up phase. Then stretch the hamstrings, calves, slants, and upper back. Make sure the abdominal muscles and internal organs are contracted during the procedure. Relieve the hips and then the lower back.


1. Stand with your legs in a scissor-like position, which is far apart as in a classic lunge. Bend the front leg to the knee and then point with your toes forward. Then stretch the back leg and push it back as far as possible. The toes should point to the side. Then lift your arms up over your head. Lower the lower body at the same time and gradually bend the knee to a right or 90 degree angle. Stay in position for about 30 seconds and then switch to the other leg.

2. Maintain a 90-degree or right-angled squat. Then keep your arms almost parallel to the ground and one arm forward. the other backwards. Turn the upper body after 30 seconds. This exercise trains buttocks muscles and quads as well as hip flexors and lats.