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Yoga and Stretching Exercises With Correct Form And Satisfying Results

Yoga and Stretching Exercises With Correct Form And Satisfying Results

Sphinx Pose is a beautiful way to strengthen and lengthen the back after a long day at work. So even if you only have five minutes at the end of the evening, press up on to those forearms and feel the asana do what it does best. 80 percent of us will experience back pain at some stage of life — and very likely in our sixth decade. Poses like Sphinx (and other common yoga backbends) can help ward off this potential back pain from haunting you down the road.

"Keep the teachings as they are, each Kriya is all in itself, a perfect jewel that works to create a river. [Kriyas] are perfectly designed sets designed to have predictable and subtle effects on the entire self. "~ Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini yoga is more than just exercise to stimulate the body. This yoga moves energy! KY is all about an energetic experience. It is important to convey the teachings correctly in order to achieve the expected results. How can we be pure vessels for the teachings when we play around with the formula? It is specific and proven. It is not a science for nothing!

To give you some background knowledge, the Kundalini Yoga classes have a special 6-part lesson structure, which is described below.

  1. Imagine the Adi mantra
  2. Pranayam (breathing work) and / or appropriate warm-up
  3. The Kriya (the practice set)
  4. Relaxation
  5. meditation
  6. Closing Prayer and Long Sat Naams

Within this teaching structure is a critical piece that incorporates the third point, the Kriya. The crucial piece is to omit or alter the Kriya in no other way than duration.

This means that we teach the exact sequence of exercises in each sentence. We do not change the order and do not add or subtract poses. Kundalini Yoga is a science to achieve a specific result. Do not mess with what works.

Another important point to recognize is that we truly have the honor to uphold the integrity and sanctity of the Kundalini Yoga teachings, especially now that Yogi Bhajan has been passed on. It is the heritage of every teacher to preserve the purity of the teachings.

The system and techniques are proven to work. Period. Why be so arrogant and think that you should change them? Can you do it better than perfection? Yogi Bhajan tells us, "It is a three thousand year old proven way - it will not stop." So stay tuned ... because it works. The only way to infinity is to give oneself the ability to experience the teachings as they should be taught.

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