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How to Kapotasana ✰ Yoga Goals✰ #YogaExercises

The healing value of yoga for various ailments can not be overlooked. With a proven routine of a number of asanas, many of the diseases that affect us often can be cured and we all can enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Yoga prevents and heals various disorders of the body and mind. It creates balance and harmony of the hormones and the metabolism of the body. stimulates the endocrine system and builds up the natural immunity of the body. There are various forms of energies in our bodies which, if not correctly used and directed, will cause a series of disturbances. Yoga postures trigger the accumulated and lethargic power and guide it through the body. They purify the body and mind by ridding them of all toxic waste.

Uses different types of poses

Positions taken during the listing are beneficial for breathing, relaxation and meditation practices. They serve as a warm-up exercise to start the session. The sitting positions improve the posture and open the pelvic area.

Standing postures prove to be beneficial in strengthening your legs; They open your hips and develop your balance and balance.

Mandatory asanas for complaints

Diabetes can be controlled and cured by:

  • Back stretching posture
  • Half-spinal twist pose
Yoga asanas can help with obesity by burning body fat. Massage the abdominal muscles by contracting and flexing them and improving blood circulation in these areas. Mental health for this condition are:

  • Cobra Pose
  • Wind-relieving posture
Health experts believe that constipation is the mother of all complaints; It is the result of unbalanced diet, physical inactivity, mental health problems and tension. Asanas with healing value for this disorder are:

  • All members ask
  • fish farming
  • Headstand pose
Poor posture, obesity and our lifestyle contribute to back pain. To cure this disease, you can work with:

  • Cobra Pose
  • Wind-relieving posture
  • Locust Pose
Rheumatism and arthritis, which are caused by hardening of muscles, joints and tissues, are painful discomforts. For their correction, a wind-relieving posture is recommended. With hypertension and high blood pressure, all member and corpse postures have a healing value as they help to relax the body and dispel worry and stress. Respiratory diseases such as sinus, asthma, bronchitis and common cold can be cured by taking Cobra, Bow and Fish asanas. These postures fix the bent and rounded shoulders. Digestive diseases such as hyperacidity result from incorrect eating habits and the intake of spice food. Elevated feet, cobra, lotus, and yoga postures treat this problem appropriately. Also breathing and meditation exercises as a remedy have a deeply soothing effect on tired mind and frayed nerves.

Yoga asanas are a complete system that prevents and heals various ailments, including chronic ones. Regular practice improves health holistically. A complete compilation or schedule of a combination of different postures is important to heal the mind, body and soul. The healing rewards of yoga make the heart healthy, regulate the blood pressure in its normal range, relieve anxiety, strengthen immunity and create balance and harmony in the self.